Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden
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Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden

Bakom en diskret fasad i La Lonja området i Palma döljer det sig ett alldeles underbart lyxigt litet hotell, Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden med en härlig oas till trädgård, faktiskt den största i den gamla delen av Palma.
Restaurangen Botànic bjuder på en kulinarisk och organisk upplevelse och de 24 stora sviterna är inredda i en vacker och elegant stil.

Can Bordouy Manifest

We believe in pulling out the chair, not only for ladies, but for gentleman as well We believe in living in a house that we can truly call home. We believe in the time-honoured tradition of remembering your parents and family. We believe in giving up your seat for someone in need and saying thanks to people in writing. We believe in letting bygones be bygones We believe in listening attentively and having good table manners. We believe in imperfect beauty and in respecting Mother Nature. When romantic souls and likeminded people come together they exceed the sum of their parts. To live an extraordinary life you have to be aware of the ordinary. While remembering that in the beginning you are the only person who believes in your ideas. Visionaries are lonely people before they achieve recognition. However, In the end, They are people that we look up to and admire for their ideas This when the one becomes the many. We are for them. We are for those romantics who still believe.

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Can Bordoy Grand House & Garden
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