The Standard Hua Hin

The Standard Hua Hin – a gorgeous seaside retreat in Thailand

After just a couple of nights at The Standard Hua Hin, we actually felt a little sad about having to check out. The resort’s alluring tropical milieu had a remarkably calming effect on us and the gorgeous beach, adjacent to the tiled pool, outdoor, mushroom shaped bar and lounge area, complimented the hotel’s relaxed vibe seamlessly. The beach was never crowded and long enough for a extended walk or, an early morning/late afternoon run.

The Standard Dining Experience

During our 48 hour stay, we enjoyed a sumptuous, late afternoon lunch at Lido, the Standard’s Italian restaurant, a full-moon dinner at their Thai restaurant Praça and two very satisfying breakfasts with a grandiose selection of Chinese, Thai and tasty western breakfast staples in an airy dining room (next to the aforementioned Lido).

If I had to choose, I’d say that our Thai meal at Praça was the most outstanding. We both love Italian cuisine, but the Thai dishes we were served were all extraordinarily flavorful with (for us) unique combinations and textures that made our dinner at Praça most memorable.

Here’s what we ate:

Miang Kham
Crispy catfish, shallots, coriander, betel leaves, coconut flakes, ginger, tamarin. Kind of like tacos. Spicy, but not overwhelmingly so.

Esan Tuna
Raw tuna mixed in a spicy and sour crunchy dressing wrapped in butterhead lettuce leaves and served with black rice crackers. This might be a bit on the hot side for some. We loved it, though.

Pla Kapong Dong
Salted white sea bass, lemongrass, kaffir lime. Absolutely delightful!

Gaeng Kua Bai Cha Ploo Pooh
Soft shell crab, betel leaves, curry and kaffir lime. Delicious – creamy and crunch all at once.

Goong Yang- Gaeng Penang
Grilled prawn, lychee panang dip and crispy betel leaves. Tender, succulent and chewy.

Desert: Bua Loy Nam King
Black sesame rice balls in ginger tea. Think tender, chewy dough dumplings stuffed with a sweet, nutty sesame filler. This was an amazing feature for our palettes. Sweet and savoury and wonderfully nutty.

Regardless of where we ate, all of our meals were promptly and neatly served and pleasantly presented by a team of cheerful servers and chefs.

A lot of thought and genuine love for hospitality has clearly gone into designing this seaside resort. Everything from the refined, art deco inspired architecture, luscious landscaping, the soulful music (not to mention the recordings of bird song heard throughout the property), to the always polite, smiling staff, always made us feel right at home.

All the visually pleasing details, high service level, delicious food, laid-back atmosphere and cozy comfort by the beach, the pool and in our spacious room (#520), made me realize that I will inevitably be measuring all future hotel experiences with our most enjoyable stay at The Standard Hua Hin.


The Standard Pool
The Lobby
The Beach
The Standard Hua Hin
The pool at night
Fullmoon dinner

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